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Application Process and Background Checks

Our unique setting as an independent 501(c)3 licensed child welfare agency, located within the Addison Police Department (as the Social Services provider), necessitates a more detailed application process than might otherwise apply to most internship positions.


Interested students may apply for internship positions by submitting a current resume. Selected applicants must participate in an in-person interview, and complete documentation necessary for compliance with the agency’s child welfare license.  Part of the application process involves two separate background checks which include fingerprinting  (through DCFS and the Addison Police Department) to establish whether or not there are any former or current criminal, child abuse, or child neglect charges on file for the applicant.  Due to our setting and licensure, some criminal charges automatically disqualify an applicant from consideration for a position at our agency – including internship positions.


Applicants are encouraged to disclose at the outset any history of criminal charges so that a determination may be made as to whether or not it is appropriate to continue in the application process.   Failure to disclose previous charges may result in a student starting an internship but not able to complete.  In all cases, NEDFYS will follow the mandates necessary to maintain our setting inside the police department as well as our child welfare license.  


 Application Requirements

  • Police ride-along - with an Addison police officer as a way to familiarize interns with the community.  A ride-along can be scheduled at the convenience of the intern and police department, and should be completed within the first 30 days of the internship.

  • DCFS Mandated Reporter training – completed online and copy of certificate of successful completion placed in personnel file.

  • Physical exam and TB test – physical exam by doctor (dated within one year) with accompanying TB test must be completed on the appropriate form and remain on file. (Intern will be reimbursed for the cost of the physical and TB test at rate determined by the agency.)

  • Official Transcript from last degree completed.  Must arrive sealed and can be sent directly to the NEDFYS Office Manager.

  • Valid ID and proof of auto insurance.

  • Other personnel forms as required by the agency.​

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