Financial Resources

NEDFYS accepts all clients, regardless of their ability to pay. We will make every effort to determine coverage of the youth and their families. 

NEDFYS accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and provides accessible mental health services through our Open Door Program.

Feel free to contact our office with your insurance information so we can confirm eligibility and benefits before you are seen by one of our clinicians.

Open Door Program:
Accessible Mental Healthcare

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Northeast DuPage Family & Youth Services (NEDFYS) is committed to providing an open door to accessible mental healthcare to our community members.


Our Open Door Program allows us to provide our high-quality mental health services regardless of your insurance or ability to pay. We will be utilizing a sliding fee scale. This fee per visit will be determined by gross household income and size, as well as considerations for other extenuating circumstances.


Open Door does not cover the entire cost of mental health services and clients will be responsible for paying a portion of their bill. The amount of the fee per visit will be discussed at intake with their therapists.