Girls Gaining and Growing

Girls Gaining and Growing (G3) is a specialized program for girls with mental health issues who have been the perpetrators of violence in their homes. This program was created by NEDFYS staff. NEDFYS is currently using G3 to serve girls who are incarcerated in the Warrenville Youth Center maintained by the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (IDJJ).

In 2019, NEDFYS served 19 adolescent girls through our G3 program. Our therapists conducted a total of 40 group sessions at IDJJ and provided aftercare services to 6 girls released from Warrenville.

References and Resources

Our staff developed this program through many hours of dedicated research and implementation.


Below are some references and resources to provide further information on the impacts of violence. 


Client Story

The G3 Program is innovative and is transforming lives such as Alyssa’s. Alyssa, a 17-year old girl from central Illinois, was incarcerated at the Illinois Youth Center-Warrenville due to drug offenses. While at IDJJ, she enrolled in G3. Alyssa, just like all girls in the program, was assessed for trauma, family violence, past substance abuse, gang involvement, and ongoing mental health issues. Her initial intake assessment showed significant childhood trauma. She was abusing heroin and prescription drugs with her peer group which led to excessive truancy from school.

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"Some of the most advanced work I have seen in my ten years of dedicated research on this topic."

Dr. Amanda Holt