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Blindsided by COVID-19

Running a non-profit agency is always an uphill climb. I am always thinking about how we can stretch our limited resources to do amazing work in the community. I am constantly forging partnerships to deliver much needed mental health services to kids and families who need them but can’t afford them, can’t get to them, or are too afraid to ask for help. I am continuously searching for ways to motivate and support my staff so they can continue to help those who are struggling with life’s challenges.

Although the non-profit mountain has many challenges, we didn’t see this one coming. COVID-19 has abruptly impacted our operations but not our desire to help those in need. We will continue to provide services to our clients through telephone check-in and the use of Telehealth. Telehealth will allow us to provide counseling sessions to many our clients electronically through computers, laptops, phones, and tablets.

Many of our adolescent clients suffer from depression and anxiety, or both. In this time of social distancing, it can leave those who are already suffering from these illnesses feel even more isolated, lonely, and anxious. Now more than ever, we need to maintain connection with our clients in whatever way we can because disconnecting may force us backwards.

When 2020 started, I was super excited about the direction NEDFYS was going. We were building our stamina and climbing up the hill with a purpose. We are still on our way up, but just with a little more weight on our backs. The NEDFYS team is resilient and will carry this weight with grace and heart.

Wishing you all good mental health during this very challenging time.

Shannon Hartnett

Executive Director


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