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Legs in Jeans

NEDFYS offers the Teen REACH Program for teens ages 11-15. Teen REACH (Responsibility, Education, Achievement, Caring, and Hope) is a comprehensive youth development initiative that provides after school program services to high-risk teens. The goals of the Teen REACH program are to provide youth with safe learning environments, introduce youth to trusting adults to guide them toward educational success, help them develop marketable skills, and offer additional learning opportunities in after school programs.  We are currently offering this program at the Henry Hyde Resource Center in Addison.

Services offered as part of the program:

  • Life skills education: education which encompasses training and education that promotes the development of healthy lifestyles, and encourages abstinence from risk-taking behaviors in the areas of alcohol and/or substance abuse, criminal activity, violence and sexual activity.

  • Improved education performance: which includes time to do homework, tutoring in basic skills and enrichment programs that encourage creativity.

  • Parental Involvement: so that parents and guardians have opportunities to meet with staff to discuss their children's activities and to participate in events that strengthen parent/child bonds and community involvement.

  • Recreation, sports, cultural and artistic activities: activities and arranging safe outlets for youth to try new skills and develop new interests, to build friendships, find their place in a group, and gain developmentally relevant experiences.

  • Adult Mentors: who allow opportunities for participants to develop and maintain positive, sustained relationships with adults.

  • Service-Learning Activities: activities that connect classroom lessons with meaningful service to the community. Students build academic skills while strengthening communities through service.

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