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Anxiety Therapy


NEDFYS offers affordable, personalized counseling for adults and children with any and all anxiety disorders. We're here for you


Why Choose Us?

  • Our mental health counseling services are conducted by licensed therapists.

  • We offer counseling for all types of anxiety, including social anxiety and GAD.

  • We work with both adults and children 12+.

  • We can diagnose mental health disorders.

  • Counseling is available in Spanish. 

  • We accept most private insurance. 

  • We truly care about what's best for you, your children, and your family.

Counseling services are available by appointment only at the following locations:

  • Counseling Offices on Army Trail Blvd in Addison

  • Addison Police Department

  • Bartlett Police Department

  • Bensenville Police Department

  • Bloomingdale Police Department

  • Glendale Heights Police Department

  • Itasca Police Department

  • Woodridge Police Department

Fill out our 5-minute, no-commitment intake form. 

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