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Vision, Mission, and Values
Group of Activists
Our Vision:

All residents of DuPage County are able to achieve optimum mental wellness.  

Our Mission:

NEDFYS increases awareness about mental health and provides high-quality, accessible counseling and crisis intervention services that empower youth, strengthen families, and build communities. 

Our Values:

Service Excellence

  • Client-centered, strengths-based, culturally responsive programs and services are provided in the communities where people live, work, or attend school.

  • Deliver trauma-informed care that promotes resilience in clients and the community.

  • Consistent reflection on client outcomes to drive innovation and improvement.

Active Partnerships 

  • Engage and facilitate community collaborations to increase immediate access to care for all people with unmet mental health needs.

  • Diversion of individuals with mental health needs away from the justice system and into the most appropriate system of care while maintaining community safety. 

  • Diversity of ideas and experiences to help shape an effective community system of mental health care.

Community Investment

  • Available and accessible mental health services in economically, socially, racially, and ethnically underserved communities. 

  • Service to others without biases based on differences of any kind (race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability).

Empowering our People

  • Encourage and promote collective energy, ideas, and contributions to ensure maximum community reach and client impact.

  • Teamwork and continuous learning to ensure high-quality service delivery and adherence to best practices

  • Focus on employee wellness to support work/life balance and self-care.

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