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Care Coordination

Care Coordination is the process of assisting and connecting individuals through multiple systems of care to help improve their health and functioning. Our care coordination program assists individuals in navigating the multiple systems of care by providing resources and coordinating services between each system. 

Systems of care include:


  • Healthcare

  • Legal

  • Education

  • Basic Needs

  • Family Support

  • Financial

  • Mental Health

  • Crisis Management

Program Principles:


  • Family Voice and Choice

  • Individualized

  • Strength-Based

  • Natural Supports

  • Collaboration

  • Unconditional Care

  • Community-Based

  • Culturally Competent

  • Team-Based

  • Outcome-Based

Care Coordinating services available for Bloomindale Township residents at the following locations:

NEDFYS offices on Army Trail Blvd. 

Addison Police Department

Bloomingdale Police Department

Glendale Heights Police Department

Community-based locations (i.e. libraries, schools, community areas)



  • Must be a Bloomingdale Township resident

  • Involvement in multiple systems

  • No age restriction

  • Mental health diagnosis is NOT required



  • Visit our Contact Us page 

  • Complete the Care Coordinator contact form 

  • The Care Coordinator will reach out within 48 business hours. 

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