Shannon Hartnett, MA

Executive Director

Shannon works in partnership with police chiefs, community leaders, and county and state officials to provide residents of DuPage County with high-quality, accessible mental health services. With a strong background at the state and county levels in the areas of violence prevention, mental health promotion, and criminal and juvenile justice policy and practice, Shannon believes everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, should have access to mental health services. In this regard, Shannon is leading NEDFYS’ effort to engage police departments, the court system, schools, and other community-based agencies, in order to link youth and families with services that will enhance their mental wellness, improve family functioning, and foster positive peer relationships.

Shannon previously supervised the Juvenile Diversion and Victims Services Unit for the 18th Judicial Circuit Department of Probation and Court Services, ensuring that youth entering the juvenile justice system for the first time were provided with effective diversion opportunities to reduce the likelihood of a repeat offense. During her time with DuPage County, Shannon revived the DuPage County Juvenile Justice Council (JJC) after a significant period of inaction. Relying on her many connections and relationships with leaders throughout the county, Shannon recruited over 50 new members to participate in ongoing efforts to reduce juvenile crime. The JJC continues to thrive with several workgroups focused on enhancing law enforcement response to youth who commit minor offenses, training the clinical staff of various county and non-profit agencies on Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and working with police chiefs to standardize juvenile crime data collection to facilitate data-driven decisions about how the system responds to youth and their families.


In 2015, Shannon utilized her experience with both juvenile justice policymakers and practitioners around the issue of youth violence in the home, to co-author the Adolescent Domestic Battery Typologies Tool Manual published by the John D. and Catherine T. Foundation. Shannon holds a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice from Loyola University-Chicago.

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