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Domestic Violence Work in Glendale Heights

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

NEDFYS provides support services to domestic violence victims in collaboration with five police departments in DuPage County, including the Glendale Heights Police Department (GHPD). Since 2018, NEDFYS has assigned a licensed social worker to this department that is available 24/7 to respond to mental health-related calls as well as assist domestic violence victims. Yami, a bilingual therapist at NEDFYS and certified domestic violence professional, is currently working at the GHPD and follows up on all domestic violence incidents in Glendale Heights.

In the first year of NEDFYS’s partnership with GHPD, domestic violence calls fell by 36%. Chief Doug Flint expressed how pleased he was with these results and mentioned that, ”Prior to working with NEDFYS, we would have to work with a multitude of different agencies to get residents the same level of service.” GHPD’s partnership with NEDFYS allowed them to streamline their response and more effectively serve their resident’s mental health needs. Citing the effectiveness of our program, Chief Flint says, “GHPD is working on expanding office space to allow a second NEDFYS social worker to assist residents.”

Recently, Yami reached out to a Glendale Heights resident, “Mary”, a mother of three, after GHPD responded to a domestic violence call. “Mary” agreed to meet with her to create a Safety Plan in case she suffered another incident of abuse and needed to suddenly leave her home. About six months after creating her Safety Plan with Yami, “Mary” was victimized again by her abuser and had to quickly flee her home with her three children.

“My client was prepared for this situation and left her abuser in the safest way possible,” says Yami. “Without the NEDFYS/GHPD partnership, my client might have never received the support she needed to leave her situation and protect herself and her children.” NEDFYS services are confidential and are offered to Glendale Heights residents without regard for their ability to pay.

NEDFYS is thrilled to continue collaborating with local police departments to offer mental health and social services to Glendale Heights and Bloomingdale residents in 2021 thanks to the grant support from the Bloomingdale Township Mental Health Board. Chief Flint is also looking forward to the continued collaboration between our agencies to “continue to build on what we are doing and make our partnership the model for other local police departments." These partnerships allow police officers to focus on public safety and social workers on the mental health needs of the community.

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